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Zadar Region




Šibenik’s unique geographical location has made it a distinct Adriatic centre throughout history. Placed on the estuary of the Krka River, on the bay, Šibenik is first mentioned in 1066 in the charter of the King Petar Krešimir IV and today it is often called Krešimir’s city. It received the status of a native Croatian city in 1290 when a diocese was established in the area. In those times, Šibenik was an important military and political centre due to its specific location and this continued through history. Also known as “the fortress city”, the fortresses of Šibenik, St Michael, St John, St Nicholas and Šubićevac played a key role in defending the town from Turkish invaders during the 15th, 16th and 17th century.



The Fotress of St Nicholas stands out distinctively. Built on the entrance to St Anthony’s Channel in order to defend the town from Ottoman invasions from the sea, it is considered as one of the strongest fortifications on our coast. Šibenik was also a strong Renaissance and humanistic centre. Some of the most influential writers, painters and musicians have worked here. Furthermore, from 1491 until 1536 one of the most beautiful cathedrals, St. James' Cathedral, was built here. This is a unique building in many ways, and its significance was recognized by UNESCO which included it on its list of World Heritage Sites.


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