A pleasure for the senses – 4 reasons for visiting Biograd na Moru

A pleasure for the senses – 4 reasons for visiting Biograd na Moru

At the very heart of Northern Adriatic, only about 30 kilometers away from Zadar, you’ll find the once royal, picturesque city of Biograd na Moru. This nautical paradise, standing at the gate of Kornati and guarding before Kotari, presents a melding of modern and traditional that never fails to win over its visitors’ hearts. From charming preserved traces of history and cultural heritage, numerous enjoyable activities, crystal clear sea, to nearby beaches and attractive locations where you can get a taste of a truly decadent paradise, we have selected the 4 main reasons why you should visit this remarkable location.

Long, long ago… the story of Biograd

Today a renowned tourist and nautical destination, this city and its unique nature reach far back in history. Considered to have been built on the ruins of the ancient place of Blandona, as the notable writings of ancient authors Ptolemy and Pliny tell us. First mentioned during the 10th century, this small city managed to beat the odds and overcame all the hardships that befell it in the centuries that followed. It appears great things do come in small packages. Its rich history and traditions are mirrored in its Christian sacral architecture: the 13th century early Roman Church of St. Ante, 16th century Church of St. Roko, Church of St. Stošija from 1761 and the Church of St. Catherine dating back to the Middle Ages. Located on the waterfront in the city center, the Homeland Museum will tell you all about the city’s culture and rich historical heritage.

The tourist development of Biograd na Moru began in the interwar period between two world wars. Despite the destruction it suffered, today it lives on with its charming narrow streets, the smell of century-old pine trees, the sound of the sea and a Mediterranean ambience tended to so carefully by its locals.

Explore the surroundings of Biograd

Nature has been very generous to Biograd by placing it in the middle of the Adriatic coast, where it developed as a desirable tourist destination. It’s hidden away between numerous Adriatic islands that decorate “Our Beautiful” like a string of gleaming pearls, making it the most indented part of the coast. A maze containing nearly 300 little islands and cliffs presents an irresistible opportunity for you to see the wonders the nearby islands (Ugljan, Pašman, Vrgada) have to offer, with a Mediterranean ambience you are sure to remember.

Located in the immediate vicinity of this destination is a plethora of otherworldly natural locations: the stone pearls of the Adriatic Sea - National Park Kornati, the magnificent travertine waterfalls of National Park Krka, the astounding self-sustaining ecosystem of National Park Paklenica, the botanical garden of National Park Northern Velebit, the flora and fauna of Nature Park Telašćica and the unique natural reserve of Nature Park Vransko Lake.

If you are interested in the traditions of this region, Ražnjevića dvori A.D. 1307 will turn back the clock to 1307. This renovated century-old estate, once home to a wealthier peasant family living a peaceful life in Polača, now lives on as a diffuse hotel and agritourist complex, taking special care in presenting authentic local customs and offerings.

Should you travel further south of Biograd, get your cameras ready to capture the awe-inspiring Cathedral of St. Jacob and St. Michael’s Fortress in Šibenik. Travelling north of Biograd will take you to the pearl of northern Dalmatia, the city of Zadar. You will also get to see the city of Nin, the first royal Croatian city. The thousand-year history woven through the streets and buildings making up the city center, the sunsets that leave you breathless accompanied by nature’s simple melodies being played by the Sea Organ, all just a small part of what Zadar has to offer its visitors. If you need a sign you have reached the city of Nin, look for the historical district placed in a shallow lagoon connected to land by two stone bridges, the world’s smallest cathedral and the feeling of the exciting past interweaving with the enchanting present.

Relax on the heavenly beaches

There are plenty of wonderful beaches to be found in Biograd’s city center, connected by a walkway to numerous catering establishments ideal for making your troubles disappear. One of these beaches is Bošana, a vast pebbled beach appropriate for all generations and ready to help you make wonderful memories. Placed in front of a pine forest, the pebbled Dražica beach is an ideal choice both for families excited for frolicking on the beach and for diving enthusiasts looking to explore the remarkable seabed. Lying in a beautiful bay, Soline beach and its facilities will please even the most demanding guest. Next to the beach, shaded by a pine forest, you will find the charming Camp Park Soline stretching over 20 acres. Ideal for camper, camper trailer, mobile home and tent enthusiasts. Waking up to birdsong coming from the thick pine forest and calming melodies coming from the sea waves are simply a prelude to an ideal dream vacation.

Activities to engage all the senses

Besides the beach and the sea, you can also enjoy numerous other outdoor activities. At Fun Park Biograd, the largest theme park in Croatia, go back to your carefree childhood days and give your youngest an unforgettable experience.

At Ilirija Resort, comprised of 3 hotels (Hotel Ilirija 4*, Kornati 4* and Adriatic 3+*) that combine both glamour and authentic ambiance, you will find numerous activities in its generous offer. You can enrich your vacation by participating in: diving school, adrenaline rafting and canoeing adventures, exploration of hidden islands and beaches by sea kayaking, playing volleyball, tennis, football or basketball: cycling on the enjoyable paths, renting a boat, jet-skiing, water skiing, trekking, paintball or horseback riding. The resort displays a combination of tradition and luxury, a perfect place to taste some authentic Dalmatian wine. Dalmatian cuisine with its aromas, tastes and smells speaks a thousand languages and tells a story of a decadent paradise, one with delightful outdoor dinners bathed in warm sunsets. A series of unique moments that will live on forever.

Zadar region is also an ideal location for sailboat cruising and yachting. For anyone who loves the sea and small forested islands, the nautical and regatta center of northern Dalmatia – marina Kornati – is the place to be.