Ilirija loyalty Club
Ilirija loyalty Club
Ilirija Club – It can't get any better!
Ilirija Club – It can't get any better!

Take advantage of all the benefits that a stay at Ilirija Resort hotels/Camping Park Soline/annual berth in Kornati Marina offers.


Discover what awaits you if you become a member of our loyalty club – ILIRIJA CLUB.

You become a member of the club when you register at the reception desk of the facility where you have booked you accommodation, where you give your consent for the processing of your personal data for marketing purposes, as well as your consent for membership in the Ilirija Club. You remain a member of the Ilirija Club until you are recalled.

*You can withdraw your marketing consent at any time by contacting us at: and you can also request a change of your own data, as well as a restriction on the processing of your personal data (right to oblivion). For more information, read our Privacy Policy.

Request your Ilirija Club bracelet at the reception desk of your facility and start enjoying the benefits NOW!

List of accommodation facilities of Ilirija d.d., members of Ilirija Club

Ilirija Resort hotels and villas:

  • Hotel Ilirija****
  • Hotel Kornati****
  • Hotel Adriatic***+
  • Hotel Villa Donat***/****
  • Villa Primorje
  • Ražnjevića Dvori A.D. 1307

Camping Park Soline****:

  • Land plots
  • Mobile homes

Kornati Marina

  • Annual berth

Benefits for the members of the Ilirija Club

This loyalty program, called Ilirija Club, allows its members to use the various benefits described below. Prior to joining Ilirija Club, each member states that he has read and understood the provisions of this Ordinance and that he accepts them in full. Ilirija d.d. reserves the right to amend, supplement and limit the list of benefits, their amounts and facilities where the program is available, at any time.

Ilirija Club loyalty program is implemented in the listed accommodation facilities of Ilirija d.d. and ancillary catering, travel, and entertainment facilities of the parent company.

Procedure for using the benefits during the stay

When registering at the reception or at any time during your stay, you can request an identification chip bracelet (or register your mobile phone for the same purpose) at the reception of your facility for yourself and your family members with whom you share accommodation, with whom you will enjoy all benefits. at the sales points of Ilirija Club.

Namely, all turnover that you realize in any catering or other facility of Ilirija Club, is recorded on the account of your accommodation unit in which you are registered and the bill for approved services is paid from the advance / pre-authorization credit card for additional costs during the stay, for which you pay amount upon arrival at the accommodation facility. When you have reached the paid limit, and no later than the 6th day after the payment of the advance/pre-authorization of the credit card, the reception will inform you and invite you to make the payment for the used services and additional payment of the advance/pre-authorization of the credit card. The unused portion of the down payment is returned to your credit card on the day of departure, and the pre-authorized portion of your money is released after 7-10 days (depending on your bank’s terms). Credit card advance/pre-authorization can also be used for mini bar, room service, wellness services and other services of the parent company, e.g. excursions, rent a bike, rent a car, etc. You can order all these services directly from your hotel room / mobile home, via the QR code listed in each accommodation unit or via e-mail from the reception of the facility where you are staying. You will receive an invoice for the services in the facility where you will use the services, and you will sign it yourself in order to add it to the invoice of your accommodation unit.

If you do not pay the advance or do not pre-authorize your credit card, you can still use all the benefits of Ilirija Club, and instead of the accommodation unit, you will pay on the spot, in cash or by card, depending on what is possible in that store.

In addition to the identification bracelet or mobile phone, the staff will ask you at the points of sale for your personal data for the purpose of additional identification.

List of e-mail addresses of the receptions:










List of benefits and facilities in which you get the benefits of Ilirija Club:

Benefits when booking accommodation for all members of the Ilirija Club



Ilirija Resort hotels and villas

  • 10% discount on the price of accommodation for each subsequent reservation in any accommodation facility of Ilirija Resort or Camp Park Soline*
  • Receive exclusive offers via newsletter

Hotel Ilirija****

Hotel Kornati****

Hotel Adriatic***+

Hotel Villa Donat***/****

Villa Primorje

Ražnjevića Dvori A.D. 1307

Camping Park Soline

  • 10% discount on the price of accommodation for each subsequent reservation in any accommodation facility of Camping Park Soline or Ilirija Resort*
  • Receive exclusive offers via newsletter

Land plots

Mobile homes

*Discounts cannot be combined with other promotions

Benefits for all members of the Ilirija Club



A'la carte Restaurant Hotel Ilirija – terrace

15% discount on a'la carte dishes

Aquatic Centre, Pool

10% discount on fast food

Lavender Lounge Bar

10% discount on food offer (pizza, cakes)

Restaurant Park Soline

10% discount on food offer

Restaurant Marina Kornati

10% discount on a'la carte dishes, with a minimum consumption of HRK 200.00



Boat excursion to the NP Kornati

10% discount, free for children up to 12 years of age

Boat excursion to the island of Vrgada

free for children up to 16 years of age

Wine Tasting

10% discount, free for children up to 12 years of age

Sunset Dinner Cruise

15% discount, free for children up to 16 years of age

Excursion to NP Krka

10% discount

Excursion to NP Plitvice

10% discount

Rent a Bike

10% discount



Salvia Wellness Centre

15% discount

Concerts in organisation of Ilirija d.d.

10% discount

Tennis Centre Ilirija

special price for renting a tennis court for members of the Ilirija Club

Fun Park Biograd

15% discount on tickets

What do I get by being a member of the Ilirija Club?

  • Up to 10% discount on your reservations
  • Receiving exclusive offers via newsletter; the same offers are not available through any other sales channel
  • discounts in restaurants, wellness centre, travel agency, etc. usable during each stay

How can I obtain membership in the Ilirija Club?

To become a member of the Ilirija Club, you need to book your accommodation on the website / or through our reservation centre. You can also become a member of the Ilirija Club by providing a marketing consent at the hotel/camp reception.

After joining the program, you can immediately start using your benefits in the facilities from the loyalty program, either via a chip bracelet, mobile phone, or identification at each service establishment. Also, you will immediately receive a reservation link to your e-mail, through which you can book your next stay, reduced by the amount of the discount for members of the Ilirija Loyalty Club.

When does the membership expire?

The membership is not limited in time and is valid until revoked.

The bracelet was stolen or lost.

In case you lose the chip bracelet during your stay, report it to the reception immediately so that it can be deactivated. The bracelet is returned on the day of departure to the reception. The loss of the bracelet is to be paid in the amount of HRK 50.00. In case of misuse in any way, the bracelet will be cancelled.

Transfer to other persons

A member of the Ilirija Club can use the listed benefits exclusively for himself and the family for whom the accommodation reservation is valid. A member of Ilirija Club cannot book accommodation for his friends or extended family using his membership number, but the reservation must be exclusively in the name of the registered member, account holder.

Additional notes

Additional restrictions and exemptions may apply. For more information refer to Terms and conditions of the program.


Use of benefits

Registration of several persons under one account, as well as multiple registration of the same person on several accounts is not possible.

The member may not borrow, transfer, or sell the bracelet. Otherwise he/she loses all rights granted to him by Ilirija Club.

The bracelet is not transferable and may only be used by a member of the Ilirija Club who is the holder of the reservation. Additional bracelets can be granted to immediate family members under the same reservation. The bracelet is the property of the company Ilirija d.d. which reserves the right to withdraw or not accept the same if the member does not use it according to the rules and conditions of membership or acts contrary to them.

The member is responsible for all actions related to his/her account.

Any use of the bracelet for fraudulent purposes will result in its immediate cancellation and closing of the Ilirija Club member account.

If two members of the Ilirija Club are staying in one accommodation unit, they are not entitled to double benefits. The right to benefits is exercised only by one person per accommodation unit per stay.

When using the discount on catering and other services under the list of benefits, the discount is calculated on the total amount of the invoice regardless of the number of persons who participated in the use of the benefits. When using the benefits of a discount on excursions or tickets, the discount applies to individual tickets for two people and two children.

See the list of benefits here.

Complaints about the services provided under the list of benefits can be made only upon presentation of an invoice/ticket at the service establishment where the service was provided, or the product taken over by a member of the Ilirija Club. If a member of the Ilirija Club uses the benefits in the form of services provided by the Program Partner, the provision of these services is subject to the General Terms and Conditions of the partner company concerned. Ilirija d.d. does not bear any responsibility for any shortcomings in the services provided and the member of the Ilirija Club is in that case obliged to contact the service provider directly with all requirements related to quality and provision of services.

In the event of a death of a Program member, there is no transfer of the member's rights to the heirs and his/her membership is automatically revoked.

Data Privacy

The membership in Ilirija Club is realized exclusively on the basis of the guest's request, the guest on the basis of the stated membership realizes various benefits and the guest can leave Ilirija Club at any time.

The data collected are name, surname, gender, date of birth, e-mail, mobile phone number, address (street, house number, postal code, city and country).

Ilirija d.d. has the right, based on a legitimate interest, to collect and use information on e-mail address and name and surname of all members of Ilirija Club, for the purpose of direct marketing and exclusively for the purpose of informing about offers and news of Ilirija d.d. via email. In this case, the respondent has the right to object to such processing, including the creation of a profile to the extent that it is related to such direct marketing, either in relation to the initial or further processing, at any time and free of charge.

All other details related to the collection and storage of personal data in personal databases can be read in the Privacy Policy of Ilirija d.d. which you can read here.

Ilirija d.d. may amend and supplement the provisions of this Ordinance over time. Ilirija d.d. reserves the right to abolish Ilirija Club or replace it with any other loyalty reward program at any time without giving a reason. Ilirija d.d. will take all necessary steps to notify members in a timely manner of changes or suspensions of the program and will not be liable for any losses or damages to members upon the entry into force of such changes. Upon termination of the Ilirija Club, membership in the same automatically terminates and the bracelet is then automatically deactivated. The termination or replacement of the Ilirija Club does not constitute a valid basis for claiming damages.

In the event of a dispute between Illyria d.d. and a member of the Ilirija Club, Croatian law applies, all possible disputes related to the provisions and application of this Ordinance will be resolved primarily by agreement, and if this is not possible, the territorial jurisdiction of the competent court in the seat of Ilirija d.d.

All questions regarding membership as well as notifications about changes in personal data or any other information relevant to membership are referred by a member to the following e-mail address:, or a phone number: +385 (0)23 383 556.

This Ordinance shall enter into force on the day of its adoption.

Biograd, March 18, 2021

Ilirija d.d.

Management Board