For a happy stay of pets and their owners

If you have a dog or cat that you don’t want to leave alone in the house during your holiday, feel free to take them with you because Ilirija hotels and the campsite are pet friendly. We offer suitable accommodation in hotel rooms, apartments and mobile homes, and will make sure that both you and your pet don’t miss out on anything during your stay, including the dog beaches and dedicated outdoor areas. Enjoy your holiday with all the members of your family – including four-legged ones!

  • pet showers (in the Park Soline Campsite)
  • dog beaches (in front of the Hotel Ilirija and near the Park Soline Campsite)
  • bowls for food and water in your room
  • access to restaurants (Park Soline Campsite and Marina Kornati restaurant) where pets are allowed with their owners on outdoor terraces.

Please note:

  • A maximum of one pet is allowed in a hotel room, and two pets in an apartment or mobile home upon paying the relevant fee.
  • Your pet (dog or cat) must be older than six months, weigh a maximum of 18 kg (except guide dogs for the blind and assistance dogs), and have a valid pet passport.
  • Please announce that you are travelling with a pet when making your booking. As a dog owner, you should bring immunisation certificates.
  • Pets – except for guide dogs – are not allowed in the pool area, restaurants and wellness centre.