Lowest online price guarantee

Book your accommodation and additional services directly via the ILIRIJA RESORT online booking or our sales department and we guarantee you the lowest online price.

If you find a lower online price from the one posted on our websites; for the same hotel, same dates and the same type of service no later than 24 hours after reserving via our website or having received an offer from our sales department, contact us and send us the link of the website where you have found the lower price. After confirming it, we will offer you the same lower price with additional 5% discount.

Terms and conditions

The refund request on the basis of the lowest price guarantee needs to be filed within 24 hours from the booking confirmation on the ILIRIJA RESORT website or booking via our sales department. The guest needs to have the booking confirmation from the ILIRIJA RESORT online booking via ILIRIJA RESORT website and the corresponding reservation number.

The discovered lower online price for the accommodation in one of ILIRIJARESORT hotels needs to be clearly defined, with VAT per person (not per room) and per night. The accommodation must be bookable online, on a website which is not owned by Ilirija d.d., in real time with immediate confirmation according to the stated conditions and the same conditions must be met as on the ILIRIJA RESORT website: same hotel, same type of accommodation unit and bed, same period of stay, same service, same guest number and currency.

The guarantee does not apply to online reservations made on websites which are not owned by the Ilirija d.d. and on which the guest does not have the specified hotel name or type of accommodation unit, or it is specified only after the making of the reservation, or the price of the accommodation is in a package with other service and cannot be clearly distinguished. The guarantee also does not apply in sales exclusive for groups or special interest group, on confidential and contractual based prices, prices which require advanced payment, etc.

The guarantee does not apply for websites which offer non-transparent prices and services (eg. priceline.com, hotwire.com) or similar websites with which Ilirija d.d. does not have a contract of direct cooperation and on prices posted on special websites for group purchases (Megabon, Kolektiva, etc) or special prices for marketing projects of hotel promotion (Connex, E-Bay, etc.)

The guarantee does not apply on lower online prices which have limitations in booking conditions which are different from the ones present on the ILIRIJA RESORT website (eg. reservation cancellation policy, deposit limit, minimum number of days of stay, etc.)

The guarantee is only applied on the price of staying per person per day and cannot be applied on other services, taxes and fees and it cannot be combined with other discounts (eg. early booking, loyalty programs, etc)

The guarantee can only be used once by the same applicant, regardless of the number of more affordable offers for the same period.

The guarantee will not be applied if the prices deviate for a decimal amount which is a result of rounding of the price or for the difference in amount due to currency exchange rates.

The guarantee does not apply to possible errors made while posting the prices of ILIRIJA RESORT hotels on websites which are not owned by Ilirija d.d.