Ražnjevića Dvori A.D. 1307
Ražnjevića Dvori A.D. 1307

Feel connected to this region in a traditional property renovated to the highest standards with maximum respect for the past. You can choose between suites of different sizes located in a traditional Dalmatian stone house, a family suite in a separate building, or two mobile homes seamlessly integrated into the surrounding environment. Enjoy the elegant combination of local tradition and luxury!


Experience Dalmatia at first hand in a traditional estate in the rural hinterland of Biograd. Ražnjevića Dvori is a renovated centuries-old estate: a hidden gem for a luxurious stay in the environment of the fertile fields of Ravni Kotari.

All accommodation units at Ražnjevića Dvori are luxuriously appointed according to the highest standards, with maximum respect for tradition. You can choose between suites located in a traditional Dalmatian stone house, a family suite in a separate building and two mobile homes perfectly blending into the environment. If you want to truly experience the life of this region while enjoying maximum comfort in a traditional setting, Ražnjevića Dvori is the right choice for you!

Ražnjevića Dvori is the first diffused hotel in Croatia and the most luxurious accommodation that Ilirija has to offer. This estate, whose history dates back more than seven centuries, and which has its own olive grove and vineyard for the production of olive oil and wine, is today a place where you can experience the real Dalmatian atmosphere. The turbulent history of this region and the destinies of hardworking people are woven into every stone of this property. Here, the past blends perfectly with modern luxury, creating a wonderful ambience for your luxurious stay in a rural environment. Feel connected with this region, take in the beauty of the Dalmatian hinterland, and experience the traditional way of life of this area. The renovated centuries-old estate of the Ražnjević family in Polača in Ravni Kotari, a fertile part of Dalmatia with karst fields, is today a hotel and agrotourism complex with a special emphasis on local produce and customs. Experience top-quality service and enjoy wonderful traditional Dalmatian cuisine prepared with fresh ingredients from local farmers.

Enjoy the sun by the pool, with its beautiful view of the surrounding landscape. The pool is integrated into the indigenous stone structure with the addition of glass walls, which creates a unique aesthetic combination of traditional and modern.

The pool area is also the right choice if you want to organise a party, reception or gala lunch because next to it there is an open-air bar, offering drinks, and a terrace with a fireplace; the restaurant is also close by. The entire estate is the perfect choice for various types of private and business events and weddings, as it offers a whole range of indoor and outdoor spaces that can be adapted to the type of event and number of guests.

At this estate, the holiday experience turns into something authentic as you can participate in traditional activities. Discover the flavours of local fruits directly from the fields prepared according to the traditional recipes of this region!

Ražnjevića Dvori
Ražnjevića Dvori
The authentic spirit of the Dalmatian hinterland combined with modern comfort, for guests with the highest expectations!
  • the first diffused hotel in Croatia, in a renovated rural estate – a perfect combination of tradition and modernity
  • accommodation for up to 24 people throughout the year (air conditioning / central heating)
  • freshwater heated pool (50 m2) with a terrace and a beautiful view
  • traditional activities, fruits from the private garden, experience typical country-estate life
  • organisation of private and business events: receptions, weddings, workshops, MICE
  • bar, restaurant and catering service for guests
  • private parking area
Ražnjevića dvori
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A hidden gem of the rural hinterland

The highlight of Ilirija’s offer: a property steeped in history that blends perfectly with modern luxury, creating a wonderful setting for your luxury rural stay, business gathering, private party or dream wedding. Feel at one with this region and let us take care of every detail of your event from the decoration and serving of food and drinks, to the technical support and all-round organisation.

This is the first diffused hotel in Croatia and is located in Polača in Ravni Kotari, a fertile part of Dalmatia with karst fields. The restored centuries-old estate of the Ražnjević family is today a hotel and agritourism enterprise with a special emphasis on local offers and customs, which bears witness to the traditional life of the people in this area.

Take advantage of the excellent service provided by our chefs and staff and enjoy the region’s food and Dalmatian culinary traditions prepared with ingredients from local producers.

The property includes unique outdoor and indoor spaces that can be equipped for teambuilding programmes, workshops, celebrations and wedding receptions, depending on the number of guests:


  • old stone courtyard (up to 100 people)
  • lawn in the shade of a 500-year-old mulberry tree (up to 150 people)
  • cypress terrace (up to 200 people)
  • outdoor pool terrace (up to 70 people)
  • natural surroundings of vineyards and olive groves


  • Crystal Hall (up to 100 people)
  • Kuzma and Damjan Hall (up to 50 people)
  • Dmitar Dane and Duje 16th century tavern (up to 20 people)
  • Vatrenica (up to 20 people)

At Ražnjevića Dvori, you can experience an authentic Dalmatian atmosphere. This is the right choice for everyone who wants to spend their most beautiful and special days in an idyllic and luxurious country villa, breathing in the scents of pure nature, relaxing by the pool, and enjoying traditional Dalmatian cuisine.

In addition to outdoor and indoor spaces for celebrations and business gatherings, Ražnjevića Dvori also offers luxury accommodation for up to 24 people. All accommodation units are elegantly decorated in a style that combines modern comfort with a traditional atmosphere.

For your special day or business gathering, you can also combine other exclusive spaces offered by Ilirija. For example, we can organise a gathering or lunch before the wedding reception in Zadar Arsenal or on board our ship Nada – a truly memorable experience for your guests!

  • modern luxury in a historical setting
  • superior dining experience – a selection of local dishes and premium drinks
  • capacity of up to 100 people indoors and up to 200 people outdoors
  • menu