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Croatian natural attractions are known world-wide. Although Croatia is in size a small country, it has 8 national parks, 11 nature parks and several reserves. The natural phenomena which leave you breathless are a result of the biodiversity of this region – Croatia is equally a continental and a Mediterranean country.

As one of the sunniest coasts of the Mediterranean, the Adriatic coast is perhaps the best known destination for numerous tourists – a combination of beautiful islands and coves (Croatia’s coastline with its 1246 islands is considered one of the most indented in the world), crystal clear sea and sun leaves no one indifferent. A pleasant climate, fertile soil and the richness of sea life have also influenced the abundance of flora and fauna and provided the locals with means for a comfortable life, especially in the Dalmatia region and the Istria peninsula.

However, it would be wrong to limit the beauty of nature only to the coastal part of Croatia. Continental Croatia – vast plains of the Pannonia Plain, picturesque hills and plains of Zagorje, and the mountains and forests of Lika and Gorski kotar are all recognizable images which are worth experiencing in person. Rivers, forests, lakes and mountains of these regions are a home to numerous endemic plants and rare animal species which enjoy the mountain climate and snow which, in some of these areas, lasts for months.

Delight yourself with the diversity of Croatian natural beauty!


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