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times have left their mark on the culture – Illyrians, Romans, Italians, Turks, Slavs, and many others. Today it is rightfully said that Croatia is a country with an extremely long tradition, merging its rich cultural heritage with modern trends and lifestyles.

The richness of this cultural heritage is most visible along the Croatian coastline. The significance of this was also recognized by UNESCO which included numerous sites and monuments on its list: from Euphrasian Basilica in Istria, the historical city centre of Trogir, Diocletian’s Palace in Split, to the Old Town in Dubrovnik.

Apart from the large number of monuments and museums, Croatia also has an exceptionally rich intangible heritage which is a part of the country’s tradition and is embedded in the local lifestyle. Klapa singing (a cappella), the Sinj Alka, Mediterranean cuisine, lace making and many other customs can be found on UNESCO’s list.

The symbols of Croatian cultural heritage are also famous writers, painters, scientists, sculptors and architects whose work promotes the richness of Croatian tradition even today: Marin Držić, Julije Klović, Nikola Tesla, Ivan Meštrović, Juraj Dalmatinac...

There are so many ways to learn about Croatian cultural heritage, so start your adventure!


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