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Team building


Good teamwork is the key to success of corporations and companies because it stimulates better communication, togetherness, cooperation and collegiality among staff. Consequently, it develops a corporative structure so Ilirija is creating a team building programme suitable to your taste for you and your associates!

Depending on the needs and wishes of your team, we will organize a memorable one-day or several day program – the possibilities are endless whether you want to improve the communication among the members of your team, influence their performance, or just have fun with your colleagues in an informal atmosphere!

We will list only some of the activities: choose between fun rides with quads on Vrana Lake or the island of Pašman while exploring natural and cultural heritage; try sea kayaking on the beautiful islet of Vrgad. Whichever option you chose our professional and expert staff will guide you through all activities.

Stimulate the team spirit in a relaxed atmosphere and get to know your work colleagues better!


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