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For kids

Entertainment and activities


If you are coming with children, you will be pleased to know that Ilirija hotels organize a variety of daily entertainment programmes for children during the summer months. Our employees are professionals educated to lead children’s activities, which means that you can completely relax and enjoy your well-deserved holiday while the kids are having fun!

Mini Club Ilirija

Mini Club Ilirija offers a wide variety of entertainment. All the games are devised to stimulate children’s imagination, curiosity and thinking skills: making of Native American clothes and makeup, pirate treasure hunts, and themed drawings are just some of them.

Little ecologists

If you and your child are nature lovers or you wish to raise your children’s ecological awareness, you can enroll them in different playgroups and workshops ispired by nature and everything it contains. They will learn about nature in a fun and educational way through collecting and painting the pebbles and pinecones, making collages out of shellfish and stones, and creating paintings from natural materials.

Fun is at the pool! 

Summer holidays would not be complete without an entertainment programme at the pool. Aquatic Centre Pool offers a rich programme – with the wide selection of recreational sports your kids can participate in. There are children’s aerobics to the rhythms of dance hits, learning dancing choreographies, participating in a talent show or having a blast happy jumping. Children’s favourite destination is the aqua park – serpentine aqua slides guarantee an abundance of fun and laughter! Add fun dancing music to these images and enjoy as a family!

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