Vrana i Ravni Kotari

Gastronomic delight of homemade cooking, the most beautiful landscapes of Ravni Kotari, Templar fortresses and a Turkish Han, a view of thousand islands and the biggest lake in Croatia, all in one unforgettable tour.

Starting at the Vrana Lake Nature Park and its ornithological reserve, we move on to the remains of the old town, once inhabited by the knights Templars and Hospitallers, and the Turkish Maškovića Han before ascending to the Kamenjak viewpoint, which offers an impressive vista of the Adriatic coastline. The tour ends at the Ražnjevića Dvori AD 1307 estate where you will be welcomed by an aperitif, domestic figs, homemade bread, prosciutto and cheese, and experience the traditional cuisine of the area in a rural ambiance of a centuries-old tavern.

Group tour available throughout the year (min. 6 people).

We are sending an offer on your request!

Children discount 0 – 6 years: 100%

Children discount 7 – 12 years: 50%

Duration: 17:00 -22:00 (June – September) / 11:00 – 16:00 h (October – May)

The price includes the following: transport, tour guide, dinner at an autochthonous rural estate in a 16th-century tavern.