The thrills of Dalmatian hinterland

Feel welcomed by northern Dalmatia in the most prominent agritourism objects of the area offering authentic gastronomic products and combine it with elements of cultural and active vacation. Vacation house Varoš, a traditional Dalmatian stone house, is the first destination to be reached via the cliffs and crags of the mythical Velebit Mountain.

Adjacent to the river Zrmanja, lies the impressive karst landscape of the Bukovica canyon with an opportunity for either an adrenaline rafting/kayaking ride or a more tranquil boat trip down the Zrmanja river towards the magnificent bay called the Novigrad Sea. Afterwards, lunch will be served in the authentic rural ethno ambiance of Mićanov dvori notable for its traditional gourmand-meals.

At the Ražnjevića Dvori rural estate, in the heart of the fertile region of Ravni Kotari, enjoy the specialties prepared from historical recipes alongside high-quality wines, and visit Lake Vrana, the biggest freshwater lake in Croatia, adorned with unforgettable landscapes and monuments such as the old Templar city and Maškovića Han, the westernmost surviving building from the time of the Ottoman empire.

Program summary

Day 1
Velebit: Varoš complex in Starigradu (jeep safari)

Day 2
Kruševo: Bukovica and Mićanovi dvori (kayaking/rafting or a boat ride on Zrmanja)

Day 3
Vrana (Vrana Lake foto safari) – Ražnjevića dvori (historical lunch and wine tasting)

Package offered throughout the year (min. 6 people).

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The price includes the following: transfer, guide, entrance fees, rafting/kayaking gear, lunch and drinks at heritage venues, lunch pack.