On the trail of salt and medicinal mud

The saltworks of Nin and Pag are an inseparable part of history because they were immensely important as the economic backbone of the region, which has also created a specific cultural landscape of unique vistas. The Nin Saltworks also contains a Museum of Salt, as well as excellent products, and represents a specific artificially-made wetland, which has become the habitat of various rare animals, birds in particular. The Pag Saltworks has ever since the Middle Ages represented the most significant source of income for the nobility and other ruling parties of this region. The warehouses constructed for storing salt built opposite the town's core today represent a cultural landmark. The view of the Renaissance town of Pag and the magnificently indented island of Pag with its saltworks will forever remain in your memory.

Program summary

Day 1
Nin: saltworks and swimming on the Queen’s Beach

Day 2
Pag: saltworks and Salt storages

Package offered throughout the year (min. 6 people).

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The price includes the following: transfer, guide, entrance fees, lunch pack.