On the trail of Croatian-Hungarian kingdom

Croatia and Hungary were joined together in a single country for 900 years. In Biograd you will get to know the place where the Hungarian King Coloman was crowned as Croatian King in AD 1102. You will next visit the Lake Vrana, and its ornithological reserve containing 250 bird species, and the present-day village of Vrana hiding the remains of the old Templar city.

In Zadar, the city which Coloman visited three years later, you willl explore the Bendictine monastery, the Church of St Mary, which Coloman bequeathed with many gifts, while in a bell tower which he built you will see an inscription carrying his name and donation. The Church of Saint Simon in Zadar holds a golden chest which Elizabeth Kotromanić, the wife of King Louis I of Anjou and Hungarian-Croatian-Polish Queen, built in the memory of the Treaty of Zadar with the Venetian Republic, which was signed in the Monastery of Saint Francis. Before her remains were transferred to Székesfehérvár in Hungary, Elizabeth was buried in the Church of Saint Chrysogonus in Zadar. However, in Novigrad we will visit the fort in which she imprisoned and later executed alongside her daughter Maria. Get a feeling of the common history of the two peoples and witness the monuments which remind us of it.

Program summary

Day 1
Biograd –Lake Vrana – Vrana

Day 2
Zadar Church of St Mary

Day 3
Novigrad Fort

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