Historical and gastro trails of Ravni Kotari

A tour of the region of Ravni Kotari and its historical monuments with accompanying gastronomic and oenological delights you will never forget.

We drive by the Vrana Lake Nature Park and its ornithological reserve before reaching Maškovića Han in the historic settlement of Vrana. Maškovića Han is a caravansary that started being built in 1544. Nowadays it represents the westernmost monument of the Ottoman Empire and you will find out why it took 460 years for it to be completed. We will also visit the old town of Vrana, once the seat of the knights Templars. We then continue to Benkovac and the medieval Kaštel Benković presently home to a museum known for its exceptional collection of Liburnian and Roman artefacts from the near-by ancient city of Asseria as well as da Vinci's triple-barrel cannon (the only such found in the world!).

Finally, we will visit the most eco-friendly village in Croatia, Nadin, and the winery OPG Škaulj where you will be served a gastronomic delight, a traditional Dalmatian lunch, consisting of prosciutto, cheese, meat and potatoes under the lid and a dessert, accompanied by two varieties of wine made by a prominent organic winemaker, recipient, among others, of the London Decanter award, whose wines have been served in the European Parliament and enjoyed by a number of dignitaries and royal families.

Group tour available throughout the year (min. 6 people).

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Children discount 0 – 6 years: 100%

Children discount 7 – 12 years: 50%

Duration: 09:00 – 16:30

The price includes the following: transport, lunch and exceptional wines, tour guide.