Gastro tour


A gastronomic delight of local cuisine, the most beautiful natural landscapes of the Ravni kotari region, Templar fortresses and a Turkish han, view of thousand islands, the largest lake in Croatia, all in one, on an unforgettable tour of this area. Take a tour of Ravni kotari, visit its historical monuments and prepare yourself for oenological, cultural and gastronomic discoveries. We will round up your experience with the impressive view of thousand islands from the belvedere Kamenjak.

Tour details:

  • Driving along Vransko Lake, a Nature Park and Special Ornithological Reserve (included in the Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance), arrival in the town of Vrana and visit to the Mašković Han.

Did you know? A caravanserai Maškovića Han, whose construction started in 1544 and completed 460 years later, is the westernmost preserved monument of the Ottoman Empire? A surprise awaits you in the Han: a fencing performance between Medieval Templar Knights and Turkish Janissaries.

  • You will see the remains of the town of Vrana, the seat of the mysterious Templars. We continue to the town of Benkovac and medieval Kaštel (citadel) Benković with a museum that preserves the Liburnian and Roman artefacts found in the nearby town Asseria as well as Da Vinci’s triple barrel canon.

Did you know? Bronze triple-barrel cannon was found in the early Croatian fortress from the 15th century called Kličevica near Benkovac. It is believed that the cannon was constructed by Leonardo da Vinci and it is the only preserved example in the world!

  • We continue our trip to the village Polača, where we will visit an agrotourism estate ‘Ražnjevića dvori’ whose name dates back to the year 1307. Reserve your palate for the culinary delights awaiting you here – a traditional Dalmatian lunch including the traditional welcome of grape brandy and dried figs, homemade bread, prosciutto and cheese, performance of traditional food preparation and the consumption of dishes under the lid in a rural atmosphere of the tavern from the 16th century.

Did you know? Many interesting facts and legends are related to the estate. Authentic atmosphere of the tavern with a dome-shaped vault which dating from the 16th century tells tumultuous story when it was in the function of the Turkish arsenal and its atmosphere and acoustics transports you to the time of knights. On the estate you can enjoy listening to stories from the crown of the 500-year-old mulberry tree, be enchanted by the tree in the form of Jesus on the cross and enjoy the wine and olive oil obtained from the fruit of this soil, which carries a bittersweet taste of witnessing to history of this region.

Group tour is available throughout the year, min. 6 persons

Price: 90 €

Special offer:

  • 100% discount for children 0 - 12

Timing and duration: from June to September from 4:00 p.m. -10:00 p.m., from October to May 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Price includes:

  • the tour of the historical sites,
  • transportation,
  • tour guide,
  • lunch and wine in the tavern from the 16th century.