3000-year-old wine story

It is said that Mediterranean people became civilized once they learned to cultivate olives and vines. The story of wine and olive oil making in these lands dates back 3000 years and the local people continue shaping it by working the rocky slopes of the Zadar hinterland and in turn producing award-winning wines recognized by wine festivals across Europe.

In Polača, learn about the secret of the origin of the Zinfandel (Primitivo – Crljenak) wine variety at the agricultural cooperative Olive & Wine and discover why even kings have indulged in wines produced in this sunny karst region, all while savouring the ‘’three graces’’ of the Mediterranean: figs, vines, and olives. At Ražnjevića Dvori AD 1307, combine wines with Dalmatian culinary specialties – prosciutto, cheese, olives, and olive oil – in the ambiance of a sixteenth-century tavern.

Visit Petrčane (near Zadar) and learn why their ‘’Royal Vineyards’’ carry such a name. Subsequently, inspect the impressive collection of the Museum of Ancient Glass in Zadar.

On a karstic hillside overlooking the ancient city of Asseria sample the wine carrying the same name, a silver Decanter medallist. Try also the organic wines of OPG Škaulj, whose products have been served to various European royals, and step inside the medieval Kaštel Benković, presently home to the City Museum of Benkovac known for its exceptional Liburnian and Roman artefacts.

Program summary

Day 1
Agricultural cooperative Olive & Wine – Ražnjevića Dvori AD 1307

Day 2
Petrčane – Zadar (Museum of Ancient Glass)

Day 3
Asseria – OPG Bačić – City Museum of Benkovac – OPG Škaulj

Package offered throughout the year (min. 6 people).

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The price includes the following: transfer, guide, wine and olive oil tasting, entrance fees, lunch pack.