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In room health & safety


Alternative room cleaning arrangements

Rigorous cleaning with disinfectants for professional use

The door of the room / mobile home is sealed until your arrival

  • By entering the room / mobile home, we guarantee our guests that the room / mobile home is completely cleaned, disinfected, ventilated and that all hygiene standards of the World Health Organization are met. In addition, all contact surfaces and rooms are disinfected, remote controls (TV) are protected, the room is regularly ventilated, and toilets are disinfected daily.
  • We guarantee the same by sealing the room / mobile home with the "disinfected" sticker that you open first 
  • The keys required to enter the mobile home, bracelets for using the toilet and a loyalty card are issued to guests upon arrival, and they are returned to the reception upon departure from the camp. Used keys, cards or bracelets are disinfected and put back into use.  
  • We offer the possibility of an alternative arrangement for cleaning the room and changing bed linen and towels. This is available by appointment and prior notice at the reception (in person, by phone or via chat option). The frequency and manner of delivery of consumables and clean towels and bed linen can be agreed.


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