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Common areas health & safety


Certificate Safe stay in Croatia

Head of health control at the company level

Self Check – In enabled before a guest arrives at the hotel / camp

Staff educated in relation to hygiene measures and procedures

Disinfection points at the hotel / camp / marina level

Visible guidelines for epidemiological measures

Safety kit available on request

  • All facilities of Ilirija d.d. have (hotels, camp, marina, catering facilities, etc.) the Safe stay in Croatia Certificate.
  •  The head of health control at the company level takes care of all regulations and standards of health and safety measures and is available 24 hours a day, whole week (Ivana Benčić, ing. e-mail:; GSM: 098314272)
  • Prescribed standards and procedures in the case of a COVID-19 positive person
  • The staff is educated and aware of the need for the implementation of daily hygiene measures
  • Regular temperature measurement and filling out health surveys of our staff
  • Disinfection sites properly distributed throughout the hotel / camp / marina
  • Reception desk protected by a protective barrier
  • Additional disinfection of all contact surfaces and spaces
  • Visible note on keeping the prescribed distance
  • Visible guidelines for epidemiological measures
  • Limited number of space users
  • Safety instructions on the maximum number of guests allowed inside the elevator
  • Available safety package - safety kit (thermometer, gloves and masks) on request at the reception of the hotel, camp and marina
  • Toilets in common areas are cleaned frequently and disinfected with effective disinfectants, especially contact surfaces.

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