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Gala historic dinners

The trip starts with a morning/afternoon departure to Kašel Benković – Benkovac in order to briefly inspect the fortress and visit Crkvine (Šopot) where the Branimir inscription was found, the oldest discovered monument referring to ancient Croats. We continue to Polača and Ražnjevića Dvori AD 1307 for a tour of this rural estate and dinner. 


Price per person: 675 kn / 90 EUR

Children discount 0 – 6 years: 100%
Children discount 7 – 12 years: 50%

Duration: 17:00 – 22:00 / 11:00 – 16:00   

Available on request                                                   

Group tour available throughout the year (min. 8 people).



Cold starter: toast with almonds, prosciutto, hard sheep cheese, curd

Soup: creamy vegetable soup

Hot starter: turkey risotto


Main course: grilled lamb and baked potatoes / wild pheasant with gnocchi

Salad: seasoned mixed and scallion

Dessert: homemade prisnac


Drinks: Wine OPG Ražnjević white cuvee (maraština, debit, Trebiano Toscano) and red cuvee (plavina, Syrah), sparkling and still water             

The price includes the following: transport, tour guide introducing the theme of the dinner and agritourism, selected menu, house wine red/white, sparkling and still water.


*A selection of other lunches/dinners, with their respective themes, menus and various one-hour sightseeing tours (in the near vicinity of Ražnjevića Dvori AD 1307) are also on offer, priced between 400 and 500 kn                     

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