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Zadar Region

Historical sites of the surrounding area and the Island of Pašman




The richness of the cultural heritage of this region is not only visible in the cities along the coast, but also in the hinterland. Ravni Kotari hide unavoidable historical locations, sites of the extraordinary thousand-year-old history where Illyrians, Romans, Avars, Turks, Venetians and many others left their mark. Here you can walk among the ruins of the Roman-Liburnian city of Asseria dating from the 9th century B.C., see Trajan’s Arc of Triumph, and Templar fortifications – Templar Knights had their headquarters in the town of Vrana until the area fell under the Ottoman rule. You can also see the walls of the westernmost Ottoman han (caravansary) and visit the Benkovac Heritage Museum.



The island of Pašman is also a site of valuable historical heritage –with finds like a Franciscan monastery dating back to 14th – 18th century and a Benedictine monastery from 12th – 15th century. The Benedictine monastery of St Cosmas and Damian in Ćokovac is considered an important site not only because it is the only functioning Benedictine monastery in Croatia, but also because it holds a valuable collection of old paintings.


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