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Night life

Lavender lounge bar




One of the best guarded secrets of Ilirija hotels may be the Lavender lounge bar. This beautiful lounge bar is located below the Adriatic Hotel. It is a scented oasis completely adjusted to your relaxation needs, whether you are looking for a cosy hangout during the afternoon or in the evening hours. While you are breathing in the lavender scent and enjoying the unique natural ambience, don’t forget to order a cocktail which our world renowned cocktail-masters will prepare for you. You just need to decide which one you want, and that is not going to be an easy task since we offer more than 30 types of cocktails!

The interior of the Lavender lounge bar is decorated in a Mediterranean style and in a way it copies the lives of ancient Romans who definitely knew how to enjoy themselves. This is also our motto – sit back in comfy lounges, listen to the best ambience music with dimmed lights, and enjoy the sea view from this beach bar. In the end, do we even need to tell you to enjoy?


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