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SPA Zone

SPA zone is closed untill 28.02.2023.

Reserve your appointment by phone on: +385 23 396 520 or +385 99 266 53 00 

We offer all Ilirija Resort guests one visit per day to the Salvia Spa Wellness free of charge during their stay. 

SPA ZONE price list (90 minutes):  

  • Ilirija Resort guests: free of charge 
  • Villa Donat Hotel guests: 12 EUR
  • Camping Park Soline/Marina Kornati guests: 15 EUR
  • Other outside guests: 20 EUR

Appointment bookings are required. You can book your appointment, indicating your last name and room number or establishment you are staying in:


  • The SPA zone can be used for a maximum of 90 min.
  • It is not allowed or recommended for children under the age of 16 to use the SPA zone.
  • You are required to notify our wellness staff of any medical condition, prescribed therapy, allergies, and especially cardiovascular conditions, respiratory issues or skin conditions, you may have. 
  • The use of the SPA zone may be limited in certain cases.
  • We recommend prior consultation with our wellness staff, who will advise you on how to use our services to suit your needs.
  • Towels can be used free of charge.
    After use, robes and towels are returned to the wellness reception desk or left in the hotel room, as agreed on with the wellness reception staff. A missing robe or towel will be charged in the amount of 20 EUR.


Finnish sauna

What makes it so special?
The Finnish sauna has a strong detox effect, induces sweating and stimulates the skin to release harmful toxins from the organism that can build up from certain food, cosmetics or be caused by environmental pollution. It also stimulates digestion, balances hormones, helps relieve muscle pain, making it especially beneficial for athletes, increases circulation and boosts resistance to colds. To get the best results, this type of sauna should be used once a week. 
The Finnish sauna helps with detoxifying your body, and promotes cardiovascular conditioning and psychophysical relaxation.


Bio Steam Sauna

Bio sauna can be described as a milder version of a Finnish sauna, offering a higher level of humidity and a more pleasant temperature. The client may choose which essential oils will be released into the steam to nourish the body, and create a personalised experience. Bio sauna is especially recommended for relaxation and help with chronic musculoskeletal and respiratory conditions. The temperature is moderate, measuring from 50 to 65 °C, with a humidity of 60 – 70%.


Himalayan Salt Sauna

We recommend the Himalayan salt wall bio sauna for persons with asthma or respiratory issues. The Himalayan salt releases beneficial negative ions into the air. They purify the body, have antibacterial properties and help with various nose and throat inflammations, as well as headaches, skin conditions and rheumatism. The temperature for this bio sauna is moderate, measuring from 50 to 65 °C, with a humidity of 60 – 70%.



The new wellness centre also features premium hydromassage pools where you can enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy. With a combination of warm water and air, and pleasant water jets, hydromassage pools help stimulate and relax a certain part of the body. In addition to helping relieve headaches and tension, hydromassage contributes to a feeling of freshness and renewed energy.

Some of the positive effects of hydrotherapy are: 

  • increasing circulation and reducing swelling in legs 
  • helping reduce cellulite and promoting weight loss
  • helping the organism release toxins 
  • relieving joint pain 
  • relaxing the body after physical exertion 
  • deep tissue and muscle stimulation and toning 
  • helping with sports injuries


Fitness studio

The Salvia Wellness SPA zone also includes a fitness studio with exclusive equipment by the renowned Italian distributor Technogym that will fulfil the needs of both beginners and professional athletes.

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