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Biograd Boat Show

We are pleased to announce the 24th  Biograd Boat Show, the first and largest Croatian autumn Boat Show in the region. Dates: 26. - 30. October 2022

Biograd Boat Show is traditionally held in Marina Kornati in Biograd, one of the three largest marinas on the Adriatic, in which there are over 50 races and events held annualy. During such events Marina Kornati is visited by an enviable number of 50,000 sailors, which makes it unique on the Adriatic.

The Show is recognizable for the particular, hospitable ambience of the charming coastal host city Biograd. Enriched by quality infrastructure of the organizer, Ilirija Inc., including marina Kornati, Ilirija hotels offer their restaurants and related amenities.

A bascule pontoon bridge connects the central part of marina Kornati with the western part, offering a unique and attractive exhibition experience.

Formula for Success

  • A good selection of dates
  • Three-day duration
  • Superbly equiped Ilirija d.d. with additional facilities
  • Friendly, picturesque, royal city of Biograd
  • The best rates for exhibitors and visitors

Boat Show experience

Each day of the fair, sunset marks the end of the exhibition and the start of the evening programme, announcing a superb catering and entertainment programme to come. These activities continue in the city centre, near the marina, until the late hours. We call this the "Boat Show experience" and it resulted in an excellent reputation among business people, as well as numerous visitors who experience this event as a holiday.


As the owner of the aforementioned facilities, Ilirija Inc. is able to create a superb Boat Show experience, while offering exhibitors and visitors the highest value and outstanding services at best prices.


Every participant must provide proof of recovery from COVID, a certificate of vaccination or a negative viral test result not older than 48 hours.
The fair will offer rapid tests at the entrance.







Kontakt: tel. +385 23 386 147, fax. +385 23 384 500.




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