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Environmental protection

 We make significant efforts and perform activities to systematically and continuously adapt to and implement standards, procedures and regulations of the European Union on all aspects of environmental protection (protection of the sea, coast, water, air, soil) and waste management.

Every day at the operational level, we attend to managing the environmental protection processes with an aim and obligation to: comply with legal regulations, prevent environmental pollution, reduce the amount and harmfulness of waste produced, reduce the emissions of pollutants in water, soil and air, and provide education and training of employees for environmental protection.

In 2013, we continued to invest in enhancing the quality and improving our own business processes by establishing and certification of quality management system according to HRN EN ISO 9001:2008  which was implemented at the level of the entire company in our hotel, camping and nautical sector.

In July 2014, Ilirija completed the process of implementation and certification of environmental management system according to HRN EN ISO 14001standard.

Our travel agency Ilirija Travel has reached the first out of three phases:“Travelife engaged”. Travelife is the management and certification system that for travel agencies and tour operators is a way of establishing sustainable corporate social responsibility practices in their  own office, but is also in relation with suppliers. Our agency is committed to working on appropriate procedures for the management of sustainable business. The appointed sustainability coordinator, having passed the training, has gained his personal Travelife certificate and the basic steps and practices are being implemented at the moment. During the Phase engaged, we shall prepare for the other phases of Travelife in the future.

Ilirija Inc. is the winner of the award Croatian Business Tour 2014 - CBTour 2014, organized by Croatian Association for Energetics of 2010, which aims to encourage and promote creative, innovative and modern programs/projects/services in the field of business tourism for domestic and international markets with an emphasis on sustainable development.  Ilirija Inc. received the award for the project „Arsenal: Revitalized heritage monument used for organizing business events" in the category of Best program of responsible tourism and the best team building program.

We are also the holders of international environmental certificates of particular importance for tourism:

  • Since 2004, Marina Kornati has been the holder of the Blue Flag for the beaches and marinas which is an international symbol of protection of the coast, sea and undersea


  • Since 2013, the camp "Park Soline" has been one of the two camps in Croatia as the holder of the international eco-label for accommodation capacities Green key, which is awarded only to accommodation facilities that reduce the negative effects on the environment through the optimization of energy consumption, waste management and sorting the waste, educating guests and employees about the most important aspects of sustainable development.


Camping "Park Soline" was selected among the ten camps in Croatia for participation in the project ECOCAMPING, which is conducted in cooperation with the German Association Ecocamping, which aims to introduce the principles of sustainable development and ecology in the companies that provide accommodation services.

It is among the first companies in Croatia that use the so-called green energy or energy generated from renewable energy sources.

Having adopted the environmental management policy, we systematically, responsibly and sustainably implement the environmental protection policy, that enables us to minimize the negative effects of tourism activities on the environment and nature on the one hand, and to manage the environment and natural resources in our environment for the present and future generations in a high quality way, responsibly and sustainably, on the other hand.





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