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Aquatic Beach Club | Concerts

15.07.2017. - Zlatan Stipišić Gibonni
27.07.2017. - Doris Dragović
03.08.2017. - Petar Grašo
10.08.2017. - Halid Bešlić

The Biograd Night 2017

04. August 2017
Come to Biograd and dance till dawn to the music performed for you by cultural clubs, a cappella groups and rock bands.

Days of Knights in Vrana

18. - 20. August 2017
During the “DAYS OF VRANA'S KNIGHTS”, a historical spectacle which takes place the last weekend in August, there are re-enactments of scenes from times long gone.

Biograd Boat Show 2017

19. - 22. October 2017
We are pleased to announce the 19th Biograd Boat Show, the first and largest Croatian autumn Boat Show in the region

Arsenal Zadar | Concerts | Events

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